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Who We Are

Haiyan Ads special cable Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in solar energy measurement and control instrument signal line, high temperature wire industry, which is a backbone enterprise of aerospace high temperature cable manufacturing. Main products: polytetrafluoroethylene aviation high temperature wire, FEP fluorine 46 aviation high temperature wire, polytetrafluoroethylene film wrapped high temperature wire, high temperature radio frequency cable, high temperature semi-rigid coaxial cable, high temperature control multi-core cable, sensor cable, small cross-section high-temperature cable, etc. 

For a long time, the company has established good cooperative relations with various units in aerospace and aviation fields, as well as energy, petrochemical, steel, instrumentation, electronics, lighting and other industries.

  • Founding history

    Founding history

    Engaged in cable industry for 12 years

    Main products: Teflon high temperature line, automobile line, PVC electronic line, Pu sheath line, etc

  • Production scale

    Production scale

    Teflon production line: 10

    PVC production line: 10

    Stranding machine: 20 sets

    Knitting machine: 5 sets

    Contractor: 3 sets

  • Team size

    Team size

    Production team: 50 people

    Sales team: 10 people

    R & D team: 3 persons



New goods import and export and technology import and export of general business itemsOfficially open foreign export trade, and improve the foreign certification system


Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co., Ltd. was officially establishedImprove the certification system, add new production line of automobile wire


New Teflon high temperature production line

Focus shift to high-end Teflon production line


Haiyan ADS Cable factory established

Production and manufacture of RV, BV wire, 3 production lines

Corporate Culture

  • Pragmatic


    Be prepared to meet new challenges in times of safety, and make positive and decisive decisions in the ever-changing market environment
  • Innovate


    Innovation is the continuous power source of enterprises, adhere to R & D investment, and realize the self-worth of Edson

  • Pragmatic


    Down to earth, step by step.

    It is with a pragmatic attitude that Edwardson has a solid foundation to meet the challenges in the future

  • Sincerity


    Honesty is the foundation

    Only then can we have a foothold

Qualification certificate

Our factory has always adhered to the enterprise tenet of quality first and customer first, adhering to the enterprise concept of continuous innovation. "Attach importance to providing high quality products and establishing long-term cooperation"
Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China