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Speaker cable is an important part of connecting the power supply and speakers, is used to transmit audio signals. The quality of the speaker cable has a great impact on the sound quality, so you need to pay attention to many details when purchasing speaker cables.

1.Speaker wire is generally divided into two types: copper wire and silver wire. Silver wire has better conductivity and corrosion resistance than copper wire, and the sound quality is clearer, but the price is also higher. Therefore, the choice of speaker cable should be based on personal needs and budget.

2.The thickness of the speaker wire also has a certain impact on sound transmission. Generally speaking, the thicker the speaker wire, the better the transmission effect. However, speaker wires that are too thick can easily cause signal attenuation. Therefore, speaker wires of appropriate thickness should be selected.

3.The length of the speaker cable will also have an impact on sound transmission. Generally speaking, you should try to choose a shorter speaker cable, because long speaker cables are prone to signal noise reduction and attenuation. If you need to use a longer speaker cable, you can choose a high-quality speaker cable to ensure sound quality.

4.Speaker wire protection is also very important. Speaker wires should be avoided from being used under direct sunlight and from being bent or twisted. When the speaker wire is exposed to such conditions for a long time, the quality of the speaker wire will decrease, thereby affecting the sound quality.

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