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Important To Choose Good Quality Speaker Cable

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Why we should use good quality wire material? The answer is - in order to achieve better sound quality.

Audio cables can basically be divided into three categories: power cables, signal cables, and speaker cables. Each type of wire naturally has an irreplaceable position in such a small space in the car and is indispensable.

①Power cord

One of the most important parts of a sound system installation. It transmits current and is responsible for stably and efficiently transmitting the electric energy outputby the car battery/generator to power amplifiers, DSP power amplifiers and other equipment. After all, without current, how could other products operate? Therefore, as important as the power supply to the car audio system, the power cord is also important.

A standard power cord kit includes the following items: main power cord, sub-power cord, main fuse, junction box starting wire, grounding box, and power terminals.

②Signal line

Signal lines are also called audio lines. They are used to transmit audio signals generated by audio sources (signal sources) to pre-processors and power amplifiers. They mainly include coaxial signal lines, twisted pair signal lines, and balanced signal lines. and fiber optic signal lines.

③Speaker cable

For connecting power amplifiers and speakers. The amplified audio signal flows through the speaker wire to drive the speaker. Due to the large current, the key to this type of wire is low resistance and balanced conductivity to each frequency band.

If the conductor of the speaker cable is made of multiple stranded soft copper, it will have a thick sound base and soft sound quality. If the conductor is made of silver plating copper, the low frequency will be strong, powerful and flexible, the mids and highs will be clear and shiny, and the sound coloration and distortion will be small, but the price will be higher.

However, in the process of audio modification, some car owners choose poor quality wires in order to save costs, which leads to a large amount of signal loss during the transmission process. The direct consequence is that the fidelity of the audio system is extremely poor.

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Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China