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What Is The Door Wire Harness?

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The door wiring harness is the electrical wiring harness in the car that connects door locks, door and window controls, audio, lighting and other components. It is mainly used to transmit controlling signals and power.

The main components of the door wiring harness include wires, terminal connectors, protective sleeves, interface connectors, etc. Among them, wires are the main component connecting various components, terminal connectors are used to connect wires and wiring harnesses, protective sleeves are used to protect wires from damage, and interface connectors are used to connect door wiring harnesses and car main wiring harnesses.

The door wiring harness needs to be customized according to the design of the car door during production, which generally includes exterior finishes, window systems, door locks, etc. The door wiring harness design of different cars may be different. The wiring harness needs to be waterproof, oil-proof, high-temperature-resistant, and cold-resistant to adapt to the car's usage environment and ensure the stable operation of door locks, windows, audio and other systems. At the same time, when manufacturing wire harnesses, factors such as convenience, assembly, and maintainability must also be considered to ensure the accuracy and ease of operation of the wire harness.

In short, the door wiring harness plays a very important role in the car's electrical system, ensuring the safety, comfort and convenience of the car. Therefore, during the production and application process of door wiring harnesses, it is necessary to comply with relevant standards and requirements to ensure the quality stability, safety and reliability of the wiring harness.

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