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What is Teflon wire?

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Teflon cable, also known as high-temperature cable, refers to cables that using fluoroplastic insulation materials which are including FEP, PFA, PTFE, ETFE etc.

They are with excellent characters such as corrosion resistance, oil resistant, strong acid resistant, strong alkali resistant and strong oxidant resistant etc. Excellent electrical insulation properties, high voltage resistance, low high-frequency loss, non-hygroscopic, high insulation resistance; excellent fire resistance, aging resistance, and long service life.

1. Rated temperature: -65℃~+250℃ (maximum ambient temperature: 250℃, minimum ambient temperature: -65℃)

2. Rated voltage: 600V

3. Conductor: single or multiple strands of tinned copper wire, silver copper wire

4. Color: red, yellow, blue, white, black, green, brown, orange, gray, transparent, etc.

5. Unique advantages: polyfluoroethylene propylene (FEP), fusible tetrafluoroethylene (PFA)

6. Structure: Teflon core + Teflon sheath

7. Performance: Excellent corrosion resistance, almost insoluble in any organic solvent, resistant to oil, strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidant, etc.; excellent electrical insulation properties, high voltage resistance, low high-frequency loss, no moisture absorption, high insulation resistance; It has excellent non-combustible and non-aging properties, oxygen index ≥90, long service life; test voltage 3000V, spark test 7000V without breakdown.


It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises such as metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and power plants. It is used as a connecting line for various electrical appliances, instruments and automation devices under high temperature conditions and harsh environments.

Haiyan ADS special cable co.,Ltd specializes in the Teflon Wire production for 20 years, including PTFE, FEP,ETFE and FEP wires. We have UL approved wires as following: 

Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China