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Where can special cables be applied?

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Application field 1: Military products market

These units and enterprises of large military industrial enterprises shoulder the task of national high-tech equipment scientific research and modern equipment. Most of the wires and cables they need are high temperature resistant, light-weight fluorine-containing plastic products, and the number of special wires and cables required is also rapidly Expansion, some special products still need to be imported. The survey results show that to equip a certain type of missile, only special wires and cables need 200km; to equip some electronic countermeasure vehicles, special shielded cables up to 300km are required. According to a wire and cable company’s feedback and collection of external sales information, the demand for military products with the company is as much as 45,000 km. However, according to the company’s equipment and technical conditions so far, the company can only meet up to 5,000 km, which accounts for up to 5,000 km. 11%.

Application field 2: Civilian product market

Mainly involved in petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, real estate construction, information communication, automotive and ship industries. In terms of building wiring: In the 1990s, foreign high-rise buildings promoted the use of fluorine-containing plastic wires and cables. Its purpose is to use the characteristics of fluoroplastics such as high temperature resistance and non-flammability to prevent fire hazards. In recent years, many smart buildings that have emerged in China have adopted double-layer flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant (150°C and above) wires and cables and low-smoke and halogen-free environmentally friendly wires and cables to prevent unsafe accidents. Due to the wide variety of construction threads and wide applications, the market capacity is huge.

Application area 3: Petroleum platform

According to industry data, the number of cables required for oil platforms is directly related to the number of oil platforms built. The cable consumption of each type of offshore oil platform is: 150 kilometers for jack-up platforms, 180 kilometers for semi-submersible platforms, 200 kilometers for oil production platforms, 200 kilometers for production platforms, and 100 kilometers for living platforms. Based on this estimate, my country needs about 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers of various cables to build and maintain offshore oil platforms every year. It is expected to exceed 25,000 kilometers by 2020. In terms of oil exploration projects alone, according to incomplete statistics, the annual demand for deep-well survey cables, deep-well submersible pump cables, and heating automatic temperature control cables is about 15,000 km. If you add oil surveys and drilling platforms in coastal areas, the demand is immeasurable. There is a large gap between the supply and demand of oil platform cables. At present, my country's oil platform cables have basically realized localization, and the annual production capacity of domestic enterprises is about 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers. According to the current domestic production capacity and demand growth ratio, it is estimated that the supply and demand gap will reach about 10,000 kilometers by 2020.

Application field 4: Submarine cable

As the global oil and natural gas energy is becoming more and more tense, land exploration has begun to turn to the marine field on a large scale, and the scale of offshore oil and natural gas engineering projects continues to expand. It is necessary to move from land to offshore oil platforms, and power and communication between platforms. The feedback and control of transmission and technical data make the demand for integrated submarine cables continue to grow. According to my country's oil development plan, my country's offshore oil development will usher in a period of rapid development. In the next five years, 120 billion yuan will be invested in offshore oil development. It is estimated that between 2010 and 2020, the rate of increase of oil platforms will remain at 8% to 10%. The number of oil platforms in my country was about 250 in 2008, and each existing oil platform needs about 10km of submarine integrated cables for maintenance every year. The amount of submarine integrated cable required for each new oil platform is about 40km. In addition to the need for a large number of submarine integrated cables for oil platforms, my country's demand for submarine integrated cables for the development and utilization of islands is also increasing, coupled with the demand for submarine integrated cables for offshore wind power projects, comprehensive calculations for island development and offshore wind power generation The annual demand for submarine integrated cables is about 300 kilometers. According to estimates, the supply and demand gap of my country's submarine integrated cables in 2010 was about 3,000 kilometers.

Application field 5: civil aviation

At present, the domestic civil aviation industry is booming. According to relevant information, the amount of cables for a Boeing aircraft is no less than 80km, of which special wires and cables for cabin wiring are no less than 30km, and most of the cables are of small size and weight. Light, high temperature resistant radiation cross-linked or silane cross-linked wire and cable. With the development of national defense weapons and the vigorous development of civil aviation, the demand for special wires and cables has risen sharply. It is understood that a certain aircraft manufacturing company's export mission in 2003 required 6,000km of wires, and imported cables were needed due to quality and delivery time. So far, industries such as the air force, weapons, and aviation maintenance have shown strong demand momentum, and the demand for cables in the future cannot be ignored. From the perspective of the wire and cable industry, there are only a few companies that can produce special wires with a complete range and a certain scale. The market prospects for special wires and cables are very broad. At this time, it is an excellent opportunity to develop special wires and cables.

Application area 6: high temperature superconducting power transmission

It is estimated that by 2020, the total global market for superconducting applications will reach US$244 billion, and high-temperature superconducting cables will account for approximately 5% of the market. As an important part of special cables, high-temperature cables have strong vitality and are in short supply. Our country imports about 2 billion yuan from abroad every year for domestic construction. Due to the use of high-temperature superconducting materials with high transmission current density as conductors and liquid nitrogen as the cooling medium, high-temperature superconducting cables have the advantages of small size, light weight, low loss, and no fire hazard. The transmission loss of conventional power cables is about It accounts for 7% of the transmission power, and the transmission loss of the high-temperature superconducting power cable is only 0.5%. If the energy consumed by refrigeration is considered, the final energy saving is more than 60%; under the same weight and size, it is compared with conventional power cables. In comparison, the capacity of high-temperature superconducting cables can be increased by 3 to 5 times, the loss can be reduced by 60%, and the weight can be reduced by more than 80%. It is suitable for occasions where large currents are transmitted over short distances, such as urban center power distribution, electroplating, and electrolysis industries. , Power plants and substations, etc. The cable industry has been in a state of vicious competition for a long time. The application of superconducting technology has given cable companies an opportunity to surpass their competitors. How its development will depend on the absorption capacity of the cable market.

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