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Speaker cable

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What is speaker cable?

The speaker cable is used to establish an electrical connection between the speaker and the audio amplifier. Modern speaker conductors consist of two or more electrical conductors, which are wrapped in PVC insulation.The most commonly used materials are CCA. Some manufacturers use so-called oxygen free copper (OFC), which is basically a conventional copper conductor with good insulation. Copper proved to be a great conductor. It provides relatively low resistance, low power loss, and is not too expensive, which makes it the best choice.


Will the speaker cable deteriorate over time?


The speaker cable will not deteriorate over time. As we all know, speaker cable has a long service life. As long as the speaker cable is well taken care of, the speaker cable can last for decades without change. Frequent use or aging will not cause them to deteriorate.


However, when the speaker cable deteriorates, the general problem is attributed to the poor maintenance of the speaker cable. Speaker wires may deteriorate due to the deterioration of exposed copper parts in the wires. Bare copper wires exposed to the environment will be seriously oxidized and corroded over time, turning black.


This will increase the resistance of such wires, thereby affecting their conductivity. A wire with poor conductivity means poor sound quality.


Speaker cables that have been connected to speakers and amplifiers for many years will also be affected by oxidation. The oxidation of copper in the speaker wire may also occur at the connector point. The connection time is too long, and the copper wire is exposed to the air, which can withstand oxidation. Therefore, it is recommended that you unplug and reinsert the wire from time to time.


When the speaker wire is in this state, you can remove the oxidized copper wire by peeling off the insulating layer a little. Remove the oxidized copper wire, find the clean copper, and then continue to link it to the loudspeaker for use.

Occasionally clean the speaker cable, which can prevent the oxidation of the copper wire and make the speaker cable last longer.

Speaker cable is mainly a two core parallel cable, which is often used to connect to speakers. There are many different color specifications. Mainly red and black cables and transparent cables. However, some need to add a layer of sheath outside to make the cable better protected and used for a longer time.

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