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What We Know About The Boundary Wire

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What's the material of boundary wire?

Most of the boundary wire is made of PE insulator, only if customer require other materials, but modified PE is really with good performance. 

The boundary wire can be made either single layer insulated or double layer insulated. Comparing to the single insulated wire, the double insulated is robuster and safer but higher price. 

How to install the boundary wire?

Installation of wire can be chosen in two options: under-ground and above ground. 

Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of above ground installation is easy installation and easy changing once garden redesign, moreover it can be swiftly corrected if theres a mistake occur. But the disadvantage is also visible, the risk of corrosion and damage since its expose outside facing the rain/snow/wind/UV ray and scarifier or a careless spade. The advantage and disadvantage of wire under ground installation is opposite to the above ground installation. The most benefit of under ground installation is Invisible, even can be under the paved sidewalk. Its safer but more complex. 

Hard to say which boundary wire installation option is better, it depends. 

ADS's boundary wire

Our boundary wires are suitable for Husqvarna  Ambrogio Flymo  Gardena  Bosch  Worx  iMOW - STIHL  Honda ... ...

outer diameter(mm)specification
2.45 TC / TCCA LLDPE 2.45mm
2.7 TC / TCCA LLDPE 2.7mm
 TC / TCCA LLDPE 2.7mm
3.4 TC / TCCA LLDPE 3.4mm
 TC / TCCA LLDPE 3.4mm
3.8 TC / TCCA ID 2.4mm  LLDPE 3.8mm
TC / TCCA ID 2.4mm  LLDPE 3.8mm
 TC / TCCA  ID 2.4mm  LLDPE 3.8mm
4.2 TC / TCCA  ID 2.4mm LLDPE 4.2mm

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