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Product characteristics

Conductor:Cu-ETP1 bare according to D 609-90


Operating temperature:–40 °C to +85 °C

Intermittent temperature:120°C

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Features / uses

This PVC insulated single-Core cable is used for low voltage circuits in automobiles, vehicles and motorcycles.

Technical parameter

Nominal Cross- sectionNo. and Dia. of Wires.Diameter Max.Electrical resistance at 20℃ Max.thickness Wall Nom.Overall Diameter min.Overall Diameter max.Weight approx.
1 x0.507/0.321.0032.700.602.202.4010
1 x0.8511/0.321.2020.800.602.402.6013
1 x1.2516/0.321.5014.300.602.702.9017
1 x2.0026/0.321.908.810.603.103.4026
1 x3.0041/0.322.405.590.703.804.1040
1 x5.0065/0.323.003.520.804.604.9062
1 x8.0050/0.453.702.320.905.505.8092
1 x10.0063/0.454.501.841.006.506.90120
1 x15.0084/0.454.801.381.107.007.40160
1 x20.0041/0.806.100.891.108.208.80226
1 x30.0070/0.808.000.521.4010.8011.50384
1 x40.0085/0.808.600.431.4011.4012.10462
1 x50.00108/0.809.800.341.6013.0013.80583
1 x60.00127/0.8010.400.291.6013.6014.40678
1 x85.00169/0.8012.000.222.0016.0017.00924
1 x100.00217/0.8013.600.172.0017.6018.601151
1 x0.5f20/0.181.0036.700.602.202.409
1 x0.75f30/0.181.2024.400.602.402.6012
1 x1.25f50/0.181.5014.700.602.702.9018
1 x2f37/0.261.809.500.603.003.4025
1 x3f61/0.262.405.760.703.804.1040

The "f" in the nominal size column indicates a flexible conductor with a finer wire diameter.
Note: Other configurations, sizes, colors and length not specified herein are available upon request.

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