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Automotive Wiring Harness Electrical Wire

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Automotive wiring harnesses are distributed throughout the vehicle, mainly in the cab, chassis and engine. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will easily affect the operation of electronic components, thus affecting the driving safety of the car.


Many electronic components in the cab use wiring harnesses, such as car audio, display screens, etc. When exposed to the sun, the temperature rises, the failure rate will also increase, and the service life will decrease.

 Chassis wiring harness

The dusty, cement-impregnated and complex environment under the car chassis makes the exposed wiring harness easy to wear and age. The wiring harness interface will be oxidized and corroded due to the mixing of moisture and impurities, and will also become loose due to bumps, resulting in poor contact.

 Engine wiring harness

The engine is like the human heart, and the wiring harness can be called the human veins. Poor wiring will affect the engine's performance. The wiring harness has been working in the high-temperature engine compartment for a long time, and the surface is prone to cracks and falling off. Exposed wires are more likely to cause leakage, and aging wires are most likely to cause spontaneous combustion of the vehicle.

 Door wiring harness

There are many electrical components on car doors, such as switches, buttons, glass lifters, speakers, door locks, etc., so the door wiring harness must meet the working connections of these parts. If the door is exposed to high temperature or severe cold for a long time, the insulation of the wire harness protective cover is prone to embrittlement; opening and closing the door will cause friction on the wire harness, causing wire harness breakage and short circuit; frequent opening and closing of the door will cause vibration, and the wire harness will easily loosen and fall off, causing open circuits and poor contacts. Damage to the door wiring harness may cause the door to fail to open, the windows to fail to rise or fall, the fuel tank cap lock to malfunction, the air bag to fail to deploy, and other safety hazards.

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