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The Classification Of The High Temperature Wire

There are many types of high temperature wires. Commonly used are fluoroplastic insulated high-temperature wire, silicone rubber insulated high-temperature wire, silicone rubber insulated braided wire, multi-core high-temperature cable, mineral insulated fire-resistant cable and high-temperature electronic wire. Teflon wire(FEP/PFA/ETFE/PTFE/MFA and so on), aircraft wax wire, nylon sheathed wire, Teflon high voltage wire, silicone rubber high voltage wire, mica high temperature wire.

Application Of High Temperature Wire

1. Materials of high-temperature wire 

high-temperature wire usually has two materials: one is silicone rubber, which has better flexibility, and the other is polytetrafluoroethylene (i.e. FEP,PFA,PTFE), which is harder than silicone rubber. 

This material(silicone rubber) can be used for the installation and connection of circuits with AC rated voltage of 500V and below, and is widely used in electric heating equipment and paint room, Lighting and household appliances. 

Teflon materials can be used in instruments, aerospace, electric power smelting, chemical industry, ships, vehicles, food machinery, household appliances, ovens, etc. It has excellent corrosion resistance, oil resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkaline resistance, strong oxidant, etc.; It has excellent electrical insulation performance, high voltage resistance, low frequency loss, no moisture absorption and large insulation resistance; It has excellent flame retardancy and aging resistance and long service life. In the electronic industry, it can be used for temperature compensation wire, low temperature resistant wire, high temperature heating wire, aging resistant wire and flame retardant wire; In the household appliance industry, it can be used for air conditioning, microwave oven, electronic disinfection cabinet, electric rice cooker, electronic thermos and electrical appliances. Internal wiring of heater, electric oven, electric frying pan and lamps.

Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China