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Where to buy the Boundary Wires!

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Which boundary wire should you choose?

There are many different boundary cables available for robotic lawn mowers. In addition to different boundaries for different manufacturers, there are alternatives in certain situations, such as yards with rodents. So I've given you a comprehensive overview of all these different types of boundaries, and I'll give you some guidance here on what kind of boundaries you might need.

What boundary should your automatic lawn mower use? Robotic lawn mowers can usually use borders from any manufacturer. However, you should ensure that the cable is suitable for a robotic lawn mower with roughly the same area output as a lawn mower, as the resistance in the cable must not be too high for very large areas.

But there are also various types of boundaries, such as cables with extra-thick insulation to better protect them from bad weather, or cables with special sheaths to protect them from rodents or garden tools. There are all sorts of cheaper alternatives. You can get a complete overview here.

How to install lawn cable?

Connect one end of the boundary to a charging station

• Cut the end of the wire with scissors.

• Open the plastic door and insert the peel end into the red left clamp of the base, depending on the model.

• Run the wire through the guide rail of the base, as shown, and lay a boundary line around the lawn

• Set the distance of the wire to the edge using the gauge provided

• If you have steps or gravel on the edge of your lawn, keep the power line 26 cm away from the steps.

• If there are no steps, keep the wire 10cm from the edge.

• If you are using a robot lawn mower and one side of your lawn is adjacent to your neighbor's lawn, please separate the power lines from the neighbor's power lines by 1m to avoid possible interference.

Fix the wire to the ground with a pin

• Place pins approximately 80cm apart from each other.

• Make sure electrical wiring is in close contact with the ground at all times.

Lay the surrounding islands if necessary

Enclose flower beds, ponds, roots, and other areas with boundaries to protect them.

Bertelsen method: How to make a perfect 90 degree Angle towards the lawn

If there is a 90-degree Angle facing the inside of the lawn, use a Bertelsen ruler to help Landroid make a perfect turn (and eliminate the risk of Landroid hitting a boundary obstacle while doing this).

End of cycle

Once you've finished wiring the perimeter of the lawn, you'll return to the charging base.

• Pass the wire through the conduit in the base to the fixture according to the model number.

• Cut the excess wire and cut off the ends with scissors

• Insert the strip end into the black right clamp.

The last step

The boring part is over! There are still a few steps to go:

• Connect the charging station to an AC power outlet.

• If all is well, the LED will light up green

• If there is a fault in the loop, such as the wire is disconnected or the end of the wire is not clamped properly, the indicator light will go off.

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