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​What is Car Audio System Accessory?

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What is Car Audio System Accessory?

All kinds of audio-visual equipment in car audio are connected by various connecting wires and accessories to be considered a complete system. The cost of various high-quality audio accessories accounts for about 20% of the total system cost. It will make the audio system play less effective if the system accessories are not good enough.

Car audio accessories generally include wires, power accessories, installation accessories, etc.

Wire accessories

Car audio wires include: power wires/ground wires, audio signal wires, speaker connection wires (commonly known as speaker wires),turn-on wires, etc. The functions and requirements of various types of wires are different.

1. Power cord/ground wire

The battery is connected to the power amplifier and other equipments to provide energy for the audio system, and it is required that its current transmission is large and its own loss is small. Made of pure oxygen-free copper (OFC) material, the power cord with high temperature resistance and good insulation is the best choice. Its high current transmission allows the power amplifier to exert its maximum capability. If the diameter of the power cord used in the system is too small or the quality is too poor, its transmission capacity is weak and its own loss is large, the energy supplied cannot satisfy the audio equipment, and the heat generated by the power cord itself has potential safety hazards, which is more serious problem.

2. Audio signal line

As an important link in the audio system, the audio signal wire plays a very important role. Its quality and performance determine the quality level of audio system.

The audio signal wire is responsible for transmitting the output signal of the audio source to the power amplifier or sound processor and other equipment, which requires high shielding performance, because the signal wire transmits the weak electrical signal output by the audio host, and its average signal strength ranges from several hundred millivolts to several volts. It is easy to be interfered by the radiation of the car ignition system and the driving computer, which will affect the overall signal-to-noise ratio of the audio system. The best structure of the audio signal wire in the car audio is a double-braided coaxial cable, and the shielding layer is single-ended grounded. The wires usually have double-braided coaxial and two-core spiral double shielding structures.Both wires have independent shielding layers and strong anti-interference ability. The wires have specifications of 6mm and 8mm.

3. Speaker cable

The speaker cable transmits the output signal from the power amplifier to the speaker, and the power signal has voltage and current. The physical characteristics of the speaker cable are the same as the audio signal cable. Even if the audio equipment is quite advanced, if you do not choose the appropriate speaker cable, the play effect will be greatly reduced, because of the impedance of the speaker cable itself and the magnetic field effect and the different frequencies with different speed, these factors will affect the working coordination between the amplifier and the speaker. The most commonly used models of speaker wires are 16GA, 14GA, 12GA parallel or spiral structure wires. It is best to choose pure oxygen-free copper wires with high insulation and suitable tone.

 4. Turn-on wire

The turn-on wire does not have high requirements on the material, but the wire core should not be too small. If the activation current required by multiple amplifiers is large, and the core of the tur wire is too small, it will be difficult to activate the power amplifier if the current passing through is insufficient. 18 or 20GA wires are commonly used, color to be blue or blue with white stripes.


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