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Product characteristics

Conductor:Soft copper flexible conductor


Standard Compliance:SAE J1127

Operating temperature:–40 °C to +80 °C

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Features / uses

This XLPE insulated single-core cable is used in automotive applications where higher heat resistance, small diameter and minimal weight is required.

Technical parameter

SizeNominal Cross- sectionNO. and Dia. of WiresDiameter Max.Thickness Wall Nom.Overall Diameter max.Weight approx.
61 x 13.48266/
41 x 21.28420/0.266.721.659.40243
21 x 33.70665/0.268.581.6511.26368
11 x 42.36836/0.269.771.6512.45454
1/01 x 53.911064/0.2611.101.6513.78568
2/01 x 67.041323/0.2612.471.6515.15697
3/01 x 84.421666/0.2614.101.9817.30886
4/01 x 106.762107/0.2615.971.9819.171105

Note: Other configurations, sizes, colors and length not specified herein are available upon request.

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Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China