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Product characteristics

Conductor:Cu-ETP1 bare according to DIN EN13602

Insulation:Plasticized (PVC)

Standard Compliance:ISO 6722 Class B

Operating temperature:–40 °C to +105 °C

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Features / uses

This PVC insulated multi-cores cable is used in internal wiring in automobile where high flexibility, thermo and mechanical strength are required

Technical parameter

Nominal cross- sectionNo. and Dia. of WiresDiameter Max.Electrical resistance at 20℃ Max.thickness wall Nom.Diameter of coreDiameter WidthDiameter HeightWeight approx.
2 x0.5016 /0.211.0037.100.502.104.40±0.202.10±0.1520
2 x0.7524 /0.211.2024.700.602.354.70±0.302.35±0.1523
2 x1.0032/0.201.5019.500.602.555.10±0.302.50±0.1532
2 x1.5048 /0.261.7012.700.602.805.60±0.302.80±0.1539
Note: Other configurations, sizes, colors and length not specified herein are available upon request.

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Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China