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Product characteristics

Conductor:Cu-ETP1 according to JIS C 3102


Standard Compliance:JIS C 3406

EB wires are for grounding (-side): complex stranded conductors (flexible type) and thin type.
HDEB wires are thicker type than EB wires to provide increased mechanical strength. 

Operating temperature:–40 °C to +100 °C 

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Features / uses

This PVC insulated single-core cable is used in low voltage circuits of battery for automobiles

Technical parameter

Nominal cross- sectionNo. and Dia. of WiresDiameter Max.Electrical resistance at 20℃ Max.thickness wall Nom.Overall Diameter min.Overall Diameter max.Weight approx.
1 x563/0.323.103.580.604.304.7057
1 x9112/0.324.202.000.605.405.8095
1 x15171/0.325.301.320.606.506.90147
1 x20247/0.326.500.920.607.708.00207
1 x30361/0.327.800.630.609.009.40303
1 x40494/0.329.100.460.6010.3010.80374
1 x50608/0.3210.100.370.6011.3011.90473
1 x60741/0.3211.100.310.6012.3012.90570
1 x9112/0.324.
1 x15171/0.325.301.321.107.508.00161
1 x20247/0.326.500.921.108.709.30225
1 x30361/0.327.800.631.4010.6011.30331
1 x40494/0.329.100.461.4011.9012.60442
1 x60741/0.3211.100.311.6014.3015.10655

*Note: Other configurations, sizes, colors and length not specified herein are available upon request.

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Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China