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Boundary wire 2.7mm

Product characteristics

Outer diameter: 2.7mm /3.4mm/3.8mm/4.2mm

Conductor: Tinned Copper/Tinned Copper Clad Aluminum (TC/TCCA)

Insulation: HDPE

Braid: According to customer needs

Color: green/yellow/black/brown, etc.

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Features / uses


extension wire for invisible dog fences such as DogTrace D-Fence 101 and D-Fence 1001

high quality copper conductor

easy installation without tools

for the installation in the ground

for defining and extending the area to mow

also suitable as control and drive cable


The lawnmower wire is ideal for using automatic lawnmower robots in your garden. It contains a high-quality copper core, covered in an extra-thick plastic sheath. It is electrified at the charging station. The magnetic field emitted by the lawnmower wire is easily detected by the magnetic coil in the robot.

The lawnmower wire can be either be sunk into the ground or laid above the grass. It is highly corrosion-resistant, giving it a long lifespan. It is also highly stable,gives it excellent physical properties for carrying the signal for lawnmower orientation.

The lawnmower wire can be used to define and extend areas of up to 400 m.

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Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China