Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China

Pre sales service

2020-10-22 16:30:48 海盐爱德森特种线缆有限公司 Viewd 441

1. In the engineering projects undertaken by the company, we can provide free technical consultation and other services according to the specific requirements of customers, so as to make customers understand the technology, characteristics and other performance of the company's products. 

2. According to the needs of customers, the company will design and simulate the lighting effect according to the engineering pictures and data provided by users, and strive to reflect the actual effect of the project truly and effectively, and provide the relevant lighting data and relevant technical parameters and lighting installation wiring diagram scientifically and reasonably.

3. If the photos and materials provided by customers are not ideal, the company will appoint engineers and technicians to conduct on-the-spot investigation in person, verify the opinions of customers, put forward professional technical solutions and design ideas, and continuously improve until the customers are satisfied and confirmed.

Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China