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What Is Cross Linked Automotive Wire?

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Electrical Wires are the carrier of electrical energy and signal transmission. The wiring harness is like the nerves of the human body, its quality directly affects whether the car can operate normally or not. In order to meet the requirements of automobile safety comfort and multi-function, automotive wiring systems are becoming more and more complex. The volume of wires is increasing rapidly, and requirements of automotive wires are becoming higher and higher.

Flame-retardant cross-linkable polyolefin materials have all the properties required to manufacture high-quality automotive wires, which can be achieved through radiation cross-linking of wires, a physical cross-linking method that involves chemical changes. This transformation from thermoplastic to thermoset makes the insulator of the wire non-melting at high temperatures. In addition, the selected material has particularly excellent aging resistance. The synergistic effect of these two excellent properties makes radiation cross-linked automotive wires particularly resistant to aging and high temperatures.

Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co.,Ltd specialized in wire and cable design and produce, there’re many kinds of cross-linked(XLPE) automotive wires, such as FLR2X-B / QB-C/D / AESSX / AEX / GXL / SXL / TXL

Taking TXL as an example, the details are as follows:

TXL wire is a wire for automotive wiring harnesses, and its standard is usually referred to the SAE J1128 standard. According to this standard, TXL wire needs to meet the following requirements:

1. Conductor material: Copper conductor.

2. Insulation material: Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) is used as the insulation material, which meets the thermal aging performance requirements specified in the SAE J1128 standard.

3. Electrical properties: The electrical properties of TXL wires need to meet the requirements of the SAE J1128 standard, such as resistance, insulation resistance, electrical strength, etc.

In general, TXL wire is a standard for wires used in automotive wiring harnesses, with qualified conductors, insulation, and electrical properties specified in the SAE J1128 standard.

Our company not only produce irradiation cross-linked automotive wires, but also PVC and FEP automotive wires. Generally speaking therere three kinds of them, such as German standard FLRY-A 80°C/ FLRY-B 80°C/ FLRYY 80°C / FLRYW-A 105°C / FLRYW-B 105°C / FLR6Y-A 200°C / FLR6Y-B 200°C; Japanese standard AV 80°C / AVS 80°C / AVSS 80°C; And American Standard GPT 80°C / TWP 80°C

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