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What is Automotive Wire FLRY-A?

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With the development of the times, cars have become an indispensable manners of transportation in everyone’s daily life. Relevant data shows that cars are continuing to become more popular. Nowadays, there are various automobile brands on the market. Automobile wiring harness is an important accessory of the automobile, ensuring that the automobile wire circuit maintains normal operation.

Car wires are also called low-voltage wires, which are different from ordinary household wires. Generally, the conductor structure of household electric wires is solid copper, while the conductors of automobile electric wires are all made of stranded copper. The diameter of the copper strand is not large, as thin as hair, with several or even dozens of soft copper strands. The wire is encapsulated in a plastic insulation layer, which is soft and not easy to break. The automobile wiring harness is the main body of the automobile power circuit. Without the wiring harness, there would be no automobile power circuit.

What are the types and specifications of automotive wires? Let’s see what Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co.,Ltd.says.

On the car power circuit, wires for different purposes are distinguished by different colors to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the car power circuit. Therefore, there are many types of wire colors.

Common automotive wire types and models include QVR; German standard automotive wires FLR2X-B, FLRY-A, FLRY-B, FLRYK-A, FLRYK-B, FLRYW-A, FLRYW-B; American standard automotive wires Lines GPT, GXL, SXL, TWE, TWP,TXL: Japanese standard automobile wires AV, AVS, AVSS, AVX/AEX. Each kind has its own benefits.

Let’s take ADS’s automotive wire FLRY-A thin-wall PVC low-voltage automotive cable as an example to take a closer look:

Automotive Wire FLRY-A  thin-wall PVC low-voltage auto cable is suitable for internal car connecting wires. It has the characteristics of using standard insulation thickness, easy to cut and peel: good thermal stability and mechanical properties; acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance and other characteristics.

Conductor: Bare copper wire or tinned copper wire stranded

Insulation: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for automobiles

color: any color or two colors

Technical Parameters:

Temperature range: -40C-105C

Rated Voltage: 60V

Combustion test: USED UL VW1 & CSA FT1 combustion test

Environmental requirements: Comply with ROHS environmental standards


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