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Automotive Wire Types II

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Automotive wires are used in the car to transmit power and signals, they can be divided into the following types:

1. Low-voltage wires: Low-voltage wires are the most common type of wires in automotive electrical systems. They are usually used to transmit low-voltage power and signals. The conductors of low-voltage power lines are usually copper wires or copper alloy wires, which are covered with insulating materials to protect the conductors from damage.

2. High-voltage wires: High-voltage wires are often used to transmit high-voltage power, such as high-voltage coils in ignition systems. The conductors of high-voltage wires are usually copper alloy wires or nickel-chromium alloy wires, and the outer layers are covered with insulating materials and protective layers to prevent arcing and electromagnetic interference.

3. Shielded wires: Shielded wires are a special type of wires. They have a shielding layer that can effectively prevent electromagnetic interference and signal interference. Shielded wires are often used to transmit high-precision signals, such as audio signals in car stereo systems.

4. Body wiring harness: The body wiring harness is a wire assembly that integrates a variety of wires and connectors. They are usually used to connect various electrical equipment and sensors of the car. The selection and arrangement of the conductors and insulating materials of the body wiring harness need to be based on Specific car models and configurations are designed.

5. Charging cable: Charging cable is a kind of wire specially used to connect the car battery and charger. They usually have a larger conductor cross-section and higher heat resistance to ensure the safety and temperature of the charging process.

Different types of automotive wires have different characteristics and uses, and car manufacturers need to select and design according to specific needs and requirements. Classification of main automobile wiring harnesses:

Main wiring harness - distributed in the chassis, engine compartment, and a small part in the cabin.

Body wiring harness - mainly distributed in the cabin.

Instrument wiring harness - distributed within the instrument panel.

Engine wiring harness - distributed on the engine.

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