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ADS Company's Automotive Wires

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Automotive cable is a special transmission medium, used to transmit electricity, signals, data and other information. They connect various parts of the car, such as the engine, controller, air conditioning, audio, brake system, etc., to achieve the collaborative work of various parts of the car. Compared with ordinary cables, automotive cables have higher insulation, wear resistance, anti-interference and fire performance.

There is usually no fixed specification for the wire color of the car, but here are some common wire colors and what they represent: 1. Red: Usually indicates a positive pole (+) or a power cord. 2. Black: Usually indicates a negative electrode (-) or ground wire. 3. Yellow/white: Usually indicates the ground cable. 4. Blue: Usually indicates the control or signal line. 5. Brown: Usually indicates ignition coils or other high-current devices. 6. Gray: Usually indicates the connection line of the control module or other electronic equipment. 7. Green/pure white: Usually indicates the ground wire of the non-ferromagnetic metal shell. 8. Purple: Usually indicates a multi-function line, which may contain a variety of functions such as power, control or signal. 9. Orange: Usually indicates a warning line or a special function line. It is important to note that different models and manufacturers may vary, so it is best to refer to the circuit diagram or repair manual of the specific model for accurate information.

Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of automotive cables, high temperature cables and other special cables. Automobile cables including Japanese standard cables, American standard cables, German standard cables and other customized cables. For example, Japanese standard AVS, AVSS, German standard FLRY series, American standard TXL,GXL and SXL and Teflon series car wires FLR2X-B, FLR5Y-A . The conductor used by the company is with high precision, and wires are produced in full accordance with the standard requirements to ensure that the best products and services are provided to customers with no worrying.


Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China