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High temperature wire is considered to be any insulated wire or multi-conductor cable rated with a standard operating temperature of 150°C 200°C 250°C and even above.

ADS Cable has a full line of single conductor hi-temp products nationwide – some single core wire, and some multi-conductor cables.

Types of High Temperature Wire

  • Silicone(& BRAIDED)  Products: -60~200°C
    Markets: Silicone rubber can be used to make TV lead wires, H-class motor lead wires, wires and cables for starting cranes, marine power cables and control cables, wires for high-altitude aircraft, wires and cables for nuclear power industry and spacecraft, overvoltage protectors, high voltage Wires etc.
    Available in 600V standard

    Conductor: Solid or Stranded, tinned copper

    Type: AGR, JG, JGG, UL3132, UL3135, UL3140, UL3142, UL3529, UL3530, UL3069, UL3605, UL3071, UL3075, UL3122, UL3513...

  • Extruded Teflon Products:
    FEP (200°C),

    ETFE/Tefzel (150°C/200°C),

    PFA (250°C) & PTFE (250°C)
    Markets: Widely used in high-temperature insulation, the electronic device at a high frequency transmission line, the internal wiring computer, aerospace wire and winding wire dedicated mounting line, pump cable and submersible motors
    Available in 300V, 600V, or 1000V (1KV) standard
    Conductor: Solid or Stranded, tinned copper

    Tpye: AF200, AF250, UL1330, UL1331, UL1332, UL1333, UL1371, UL1538, UL1577, UL1591, UL1723, UL1887, UL1901, UL1707, UL1708, UL1709, UL1710, UL1716, UL1726, UL1860, UL1858, UL1859, UL1882, UL1929, UL1930, UL1933, UL10110, UL10129, UL10362, UL10485, UL10503 UL10588, UL1180, UL1198, UL1199, UL1212, UL1213. UL1570, UL1584, UL1815, UL10393, UL10011, UL1659, UL10086...

  • Mica Products: MG (450°C/538°C non-UL) & High performance Mica
    (2400°F short term, 450°C/538°C non-UL)
    Markets:Internal wiring of domestic and commercial ovens, cooking appliances.
    Ideal for use in electrical heaters, equipment wiring in iron mills, steel mills, glass plants, cement kilns.
    Available in 300V or 600V standard

Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China