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Different types of high temperature cable

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Teflon cable, also known as high-temperature cable, refers to the cable using fluoroplastic insulation materials (FEP, PFA, PTFE). It can reach above 200 ℃, with good ductility and softness. It is a cable with high quality and high competitiveness.

FEP insulation

Because FEP has excellent dielectric properties, FEP cables and wires can truly resist high voltage and realize compression protection. Therefore, its diameter is smaller than that of other high-voltage wires. FEP also has high stress cracking resistance, and can maintain flexibility even at high temperatures up to 200 , making the cable not easy to break. FEP is resistant to high temperature. It can be used in places with strong sunlight and high temperature.The maximum temperature reaches 200 .Therefore, FEP cables are often used in some high temperature instruments to avoid electrical failure, short circuit and damage caused by high temperature.

For example, ul1330 and UL 1591 wires can be applied to household appliances, electric shock instruments that generate high temperature, such as automotive lighting and motor wires, and ignition devices of gas stoves.

PFA insulation

As another cable insulation material, the temperature of PFA is higher than FEP insulation, and the maximum temperature can reach 250 ℃. However, the specific temperature that can be reached is still determined by the combination of the function of the cable and the conductor in the cable. Compared with FEP insulation, it has excellent mechanical strength at high temperature. Excellent low temperature toughness. PFA insulated wires and cables are also used in applications where chemical resistant wires and cables are required.PFA cable often solves the heating problem of heating instruments and reduces the risk. It will not cause unnecessary losses because the temperature is too high, but because the electrical appliance burns.

For example, high temperature sensors, heating appliances and other electronic appliances will use PFA insulated cables such as AF250.

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