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How does a boundary wire work?

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What is boundary cable

The boundary cable of Robot Mower is composed of external protective layer and internal wire. The external protective layer can be made of various insulating materials. Generally, the insulation of lawn wire can be divided into many kinds, such as PE, HDPE, PVC. The internal wire is made of metal (usually copper) with good conductivity, and the copper can also be replaced with TC or TCCA material. Most standard boundary cables consist of this simple structure. But the boundary cable with larger outer diameter can also be braided, so it has better conductivity and plays a better role in the cable.

The boundary cable how to work?

The boundary cable is a package that runs around the working area of the robot mower from the beginning to the end of the work. This will send weak current and signal through the cable, thus generating a magnetic field. The robot mower can detect this weak field through special sensors. The circle around the boundary cable in the grass is the mowing range of the robot mower. When the Robot Mower reaches the boundary cable, it will not exceed the scope of the wire, because the wire will intercept the signal of the robot mower. If the mower is outside the boundary cable, the mower cannot operate.

How to lay the boundary cable?

After buying the boundary cable according to the model of the Robot Mower, cut off the insulation of the wire head and connect it to the mower charger. When you follow the cable, surround the lawn. If there are steps at the edge of the lawn, you should reserve the distance between the boundary cable and the edge of the lawn in advance, so that when the mower mows, the mower will scratch and have problems. After confirming the distance, fix the lawn cable with nails. After fixing the rear boundary cable and connecting it with the Robot Mower, it can be used.


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