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Uses and Advantages Of FEP Cables

FEP cable is the abbreviation of fluorinated ethylene propylene. It has many applications. Compared with other types of cables, using FEP cable has several advantages. Let's learn more about some of these uses and benefits, especially why FEP may be equal to or even better than polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).


The grade 1 corrosion resistance of FEP cable - fluorinated ethylene propylene is completely consistent with PTFE, so it also competes with caustic agent. Its pure fluorocarbon structure and fluorination make it resistant to corrosion. In particular, FEP coated cables are more resistant to detergents than PTFE.

Advantages #2 – FEP cables have a lower melting point than other cable materials such as PTFE and PFA. The exact point hovers around 260 ° C (500 ° f).

FEP cable advantage #3 – from an electrical point of view, only PFA exceeds FEP. This means that the material has the highest dielectric strength. At the same time, the dissipation rate of FEP is six times that of PFA. The final result is that FEP can better conduct nonlinear electrostatic field.

FEP cable advantages #4 – in terms of flexibility, FEP has a slight advantage over PTFE, making it a place in the machinery sector.

Advantages of FEP cables #5 – when the cable leads are made of FEP, they show excellent chemical resistance, fluid resistance, aging resistance and ozone resistance.

FEP cable advantage #6 – FEP allows smaller diameters.

FEP cable advantages #7 – when the cable is designed without torque, the memory normally found in the right or left stranded cable will be eliminated.


It is conceivable that the advantages of FEP cable make it an ideal choice for some applications. Some of these include:

FEP film / cable applications #1: wiring - think of wires, coaxial cables, computer wiring and technical equipment wiring for connection.

FEP film / cable applications #2: aerospace – in this application, FEP film helps protect the mold during curing.

FEP film / cable applications #3: laboratory appliances and pipes - highly corrosive chemical processes that often occur in the laboratory have many effects on plastic laboratory appliances and pipes. FEP provides excellent resistance to such attacks.

FEP film / cable applications #4: industrial high temperature applications (e.g. glass plants, boiler locations, chemical treatment plants, areas near steam pipelines) - wear resistance and mechanical abuse are maximized when multi-core cables are insulated and sheathed with ethylene propylene fluoride. Moisture and liquid damage are also mitigated.

Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China